The #IBelong project is an innovative programme of evidence-informed interventions to improve students’ sense of belonging and success in higher education, through creating a more inclusive learning environments. #IBelong focuses on – but is not limited to – ethnic minority students and first-generation entrants in higher education.

Central in the #IBelong programme are a suite of interventions that operate at course programme level, engaging first year students, student-peer mentors and the staff team to improve diverse students’ belonging and success. The three interventions interact as a suite of activities to improve students’ belonging, continuation and attainment.

Dialogue Days

Through the interplay between students, staff and the curriculum, Dialogue Days will provide staff with insight into its students’ cohort, while students will have an active role in shaping curriculum content 

Team Teacher Reflections

Team Teacher Reflections is a tailor-made program in inclusive teaching approaches, designed for for academic staff with the main aim to usher all students into a programme of study and nurture a sense of belonging for all these students

Community Mentoring

We created Community Mentoring workshops to train experienced (graduate) students (migrant students and first
generation students) to become community-building mentors for
undergraduate students

Watch the teaser from our First Inclusiveness Meet-Up, held in November 2019 at the University of Osnabrück. It features main reflections from the participants, project team, and University of Osnabrück President Dr. Susanne Menzel-Riedl. Full length video can be accessed through “About the Project” section.