#IBelong in response to 2020 emergencies

In the wake of recent global challenges – both the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide antiracism protests – higher education institutions must provide safe spaces for open conversations about diversity, discrimination and equity.

Covid-19 has disproportionately affected black and other minorities, in general, and in higher education.  The Black Lives Matter movement has drawn attention to persistent inequity and discrimination in society. Higher Education Institutions’ response to these external drivers could reinforce and entrench disadvantage or provide an opportunity for change. #IBelong enables teachers and students to engage in meaningful conversation about diversity, inclusion and sense of belonging through innovative interventions and reflections on pedagogy, and  the curriculum content.

#IBelong core-values

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what we’ve done so far

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As we stand in solidarity with diverse students in higher education we urge other educational providers to be inclusive of different perspectives and listen to the voice of their students. We are contributing to this cause with #IBelong tools and resources.