Role in the project: Associated Partner (UPorto)

The FPCEUP Mentoring is an institutional programme of integration and solidarity experiences in higher education, under development, at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP). Since 2011/2012, the FPCEUP Mentoring ensures all students (national and international) who enter any course, as long as they wish, a mentoring experience in their social and academic integration process. With the voluntary participation of students who already attend the different courses, and coordinated by a team of teachers, mentoring promotes the construction of networks and democratic relationships that promote the exercise of citizenship and sense of belonging and well-being. Organised in a peer system (mentors/mentees), mentoring is an important contribution to the prevention of school dropout and failure, to the promotion of dynamics of interaction and intercultural sharing in everyday student life, to the strengthening of transversal skills (autonomy, social responsibility, solidarity, mutual help, empathy, respect for the difference and dignity of each one, sharing of knowledge and knowledge, capacity for organisation and critical reflection) and to the integral training of students.The FPCEUP Mentoring integrates and assumes an important role in the conceptualization and development of the University of Porto’s Transversal Peer Mentoring Programme, which began in 2019, and was a founding member of the Charter of Peer Mentoring/Tutoring – guiding principles for integration and solidarity in Higher Education (first subscriber) and the Portuguese Network of Peer Mentoring/Tutoring in Higher Education.

Faculty Coordination Team

Teresa Medina

Education Sciences| Coordinator of Mentoria FPCEUP | President of the Scientific-Pedagogical Committee of the UP Mentoring Program

Isabel Rocha Pinto

Psychology | Scientific-Pedagogical Committee of the UP Mentoring Program

Elisabete Ferreira

Education Sciences | Scientific-Pedagogical Committee of the UP Mentoring Program

Raquel Barbosa

Psychology | Scientific-Pedagogical Committee of the UP Mentoring Program

Filipa Vieira